Azubi Speed Dating

Do you want to have a successful career? Well, in Frankfurt you have a chance to take a chance and get in a job interview for a very record time.

It’s kind of speed dating as you’ll see lots of opportunities. This event happens once every year, and you should miss this opportunity. What you’ll get from the meeting? Great overall experience from CEOs of companies who will “speed date” with your CV and your knowledge. So, you should be ready for a one day journey that can change your life for good. What’s another benefit? Well, there are lots of benefits, so carefully read our tips on how to win in this situation.

Be prepared for fast questions

If you are a real talent in your profession, then you should not be afraid of quick questions. When the CEOs ask you quick questions, they test your endurance, reaction, and knowledge. Keep in mind that in real life, few seconds can change everything in terms of work. That’s why leaders of companies try to hire a person who is good at reacting to things differently.

Everything in life happens for a reason, that’s why you should be ready for any question. You’ll get various types of questions, so be ready for it. You can ask your parents or friends to help you with this.

People with CV always win

If you take part in this event as prepared and ready for everything, then you can win. Keep in mind that winners win the battles way before the action begins. That’s a number one rule – so, be ready for quick questions, work for it before the interview starts and also have your CV right beside you. Company representatives will ask you about different subjects, so if you have a CV with you, it’s better for the situation.

When you come to meet up with CV, representatives will be sure that you came ready for everything.

You get experience

No matter what, you will get experience. Some companies may not hire you, but it’s all about the experience. In this type of battles, you become an authentic self. That’s why speed dating in Frankfurt can change your life for good. It’s an actual real-life – quick questions, fast answer and lots of adrenaline — a real chance to get a job at high-paying companies.

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