Eintracht Frankfurt V Nurnberg – 17.03.2019 / Bundesliga

What’s your prediction tomorrows match? Well, today we will see a perfect match from Frankfurter guys. In the last two days, team experience and fan base have grown a way bigger. On Tuesday, Eintracht won the match against Inter Milan and qualified for next round of Europe League. Almost no one believed that Eintracht could qualify for 1/4 play-offs in 2018/19 season. As it seems, the team is trying it’s best, and we should do a favor and make each match left in Bundesliga as perfect as possible.

Chances on Champions League for 2019/2020

Frankfurt team is trying it’s best to qualify for next season Champions league. As you know, being in a group of the stage of Champions league is a huge financial achievement for any club. Any team that qualifies for Champions leagues group stage can earn up to 40 Million euros in just three months. That’s why every elite team is trying to take a spot in the Champions group stage. Eintracht still has a chance to qualify for Champions league. There are two ways to qualify for Eintracht guys – Either get the fourth spot in current Bundesliga competition (team is on the fifth position) or win the Europe League (chances are low here).

Today morning, Eintracht club Austrian coach, Hutter held a press conference. He talked about the great achievement in Europe league and the upcoming match in Bundesliga. Hutter mentioned there would be the absence of few first-tier players for Sunday. As it seems, Sebastian Rode will be out for tomorrow’s match as he has stomach disorder. After a win over the Inter Milan, the coach decided to let player rest. Hutter said that everyone is happy at the team and they want to qualify for Europe League final in Baku.

The upcoming match in Bundesliga

Nunberg will be next club to meet with Eintracht in Bundesliga. As Hutter said, it could be a tough game, as it’s hard to play match after enormous success and a great win. Nunberg is on 18th position and almost relegated to the second division of Bundesliga. Keep in mind that Nunberg has exceeded practically as many goals as Eintracht scored this season. So, it will be a lot of fun for Eintracht players to play against a weak competitor.

Europe League Qualification – Benfica is the next stage.

Yesterday, in Nyon, Switzerland, we found that Benfica will be next rival of Eintracht for Europe League competition. Portugal side is compelling and has a chance to win Portugal (national) championship. Benfica can do magic at home stadium, but it should be easy for Eintracht to play in front of German fans. Hutter said that his team is not afraid of anyone; they have come a long way and want to play a final in Baku. “It was our goal from the start, so we are not afraid of anyone,” said Eintracht coach during morning’s session. As it seems, Eintracht is going to dominate both competitions, and we only have to wish the team great luck.

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