Frankfurt – A City of Sport

Frankfurt – A City of Sport

Germans are talented when it comes to sports of any kind. They have some of the world’s best sportsmen and their athletes always leave a mark in Olympics. The city of Frankfurt is known for many things, be it for business, population, escorts, or for sports, this city can never let you down. This metropolis on the River Main serves as the major base of some of the country’s foremost sports associations, including the German Olympic Sports Confederation, the German Gymnastics Federation and the German Football Association as they have their football club which is one of the best of all. The city also hosts several other amazing international sporting events throughout the year. The three biggest events are the Around the Finance Centre of Eschborn-Frankfurt which is a professional cycling race and traditionally takes place on 01st May in every year, the second is the Frankfurt Marathon and the IRONMAN European Championship Frankfurt.

The athletes who are not quite ready to tackle the IRONMAN which is the most challenging of all triathlon competitions, they are encouraged to try their luck at the Frankfurt City Triathlon which happens on 07th August, which is just a little easier for the participants of Frankfurt. The toughest of them all is The IRONMAN European Championship Frankfurt which is also the world’s largest qualification race for the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii. That is the main IRONMAN events of all. More than 2,300 athletes participate and represent around 55 nations come together at the Frankfurt IRONMAN on 03rd July to swim, cycle and run their way to glory. The 35th Mainova Frankfurt Marathon takes place on 30th October is another big thing and a great sports event. This event attracts around 10,000 runners from all over the world and it is known to be Germany’s oldest city marathon race. The route of these runners goes through the city centre and along the river which shows the full view of the city’s tallest skyline and gives a great view and experience to both audience and athletes. The professionals of triathlon voted this stretch as “the world’s most beautiful finish line” on the Römerberg.

The craze for football in Germany has gone to next level, especially in Frankfurt after the FIFA World Cup 2014’s victory, all the fans of football were able to follow the whole World Cup at Frankfurt’s public viewing events and support their country’s proud team. 

A less elite and less known but equally significant sporting event is the German Down Sports Festival. It is the world’s largest and best sports carnival for people with Down’s syndrome which is open to athletes of all ages. It takes place in June and has more than 600 athletes meeting at the Frankfurt-Kahlbach Sports and Recreation Centre, where they will compete in a variety of sports and categories. Another special event for families, especially for siblings is the “Siblings Olympics”, which his brothers and sisters teaming up to jointly complete a challenging “obstacle course” in time.

Another sports happens at Frankfurt’s Ice Sports Arena (“Eissporthalle”) which is the PDC World Cup of Darts. The participants from over 32 countries will be competing for the title while being loudly supported by an expected audience of 10,000 people. Wild costumes and a party atmosphere are guaranteed here. Frankfurt locals are known to be very emotional when it comes to their home teams. From the footballers of the city’s most popular Bundesliga side, Eintracht Frankfurt, the city’s Div-2 ice hockey cracks, the Frankfurt Lions, to the basketballers of the Fraport Skyliners, the people support their home teams wholeheartedly. Other professional teams based in Frankfurt include the wheelchair basket-ballers of the Manhatten Skywheelers which is a sport only for handicap people, the American footballers of the Frankfurt Universe, the trampoline gymnasts of the Frankfurt Flyers and the volleyballers of the United Volleys. 

Frankfurt absolutely also has countless possibilities for entertaining athletes. whether you are interested in the latest trend sport or thriving to reach a maximum of physical fitness or simply keen to let off some steam after a long day at work, there are plenty of sporting options available for everyone. Your choice may include climbing at the T-Hall climbing arena, ice skating at the Ice Sports Arena, tennis or squash at one of the city’s best clubs or golf at one of the scenic courses set along the fringe of Frankfurt from where you can have an amazing view. Another sporting possibility, extremely for visitors, is to combine a sports schedule with a guided city tour. During the time of summer, the inline skaters begin their Tuesday Night Skating tour of the city at Harbour Park in Frankfurt’s East End district. Everyone is welcome to join. There’s now also a TNS “Light” Tour, the length, course and speed of which being much tamer than the original and therefore ideal for newcomers and new participants. Regardless of which you choose, the tours are a great way to discover the city of Frankfurt. One more method of combining sightseeing and fitness training is the so-called sight jogging. Trained athletic guides lead participants on a jog and walk and past a variety of famous Frankfurt sights. These guided runs are held at various times of the day but the best time to go for a jog in the early in the morning. The incredible views of the skyline are guaranteed during a stand-up paddling tour on the River Main. Frankfurt is the city of sport, has plenty of venues, grounds, different pitches, fields and ovals. Each year, more than 3,700 tonnes of material, like sand and grass, are used to upkeep the city’s sports grounds. Approximately around 18.5 million square metres of a lawn is cut annually.

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