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Hamburg Escort

Hamburg is a truly beautiful city which sits on the River Elbe in northern Germany. Historically, Hamburg was an important part of the trading network called the Hansa due to its position on the Elbe, which spills out into the North Sea. It’s for this reason that Hamburg acquired its nickname, the “Tor der Welt”, or “gate to the world.” The city is known for its beautiful canals, and it has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice combined. Nowadays, Hamburg is just as important as it was in the heyday of the Hansa, and the fact that people from all over the world visit this spectacular city gives “Tor der Welt” a new meaning. Hamburg today is known for its high fashion and affluence, as well as its fantastic nightlife with world-famous party areas like the Reeperbahn and for THE VIP Hamburg Escort. Basically, everything you could want to do is here in Hamburg – it is truly a world-class city.

Hamburg Escort
Hamburg Escort - Elbphilharmonie by Alexander Svensson

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With all the beautiful sites in the city and all the hype just established, you may be wondering what could make your trip to Hamburg, whether for business or pleasure, even more enjoyable? THE VIP Escortservice got an answer for you: setting up a date with one of the beautiful Hamburg Escorts to accompany you throughout the city, or just to your hotel bedroom. THE VIP Hamburg Escort Agency offers only the best and most stunning ladies to give you the most memorable time imaginable. All VIP Escorts in Hamburg are young and cultured, usually speaking multiple languages and offering any services you could desire to ensure your wildest dreams come true. They are top Hamburg Escort Models, and like most beautiful women they look even better when they’re sitting next to you in lingerie, paying close attention to your needs and desires. Have you ever wanted a woman who is beautiful, erotic, intelligent and witty with a good sense of humor to boot by your side? The elusive perfect woman, basically? Well then, look no further than our VIP companion agency! The romantic city of Hamburg is made even more romantic when you get to spend some time with one of our gorgeous Hamburg Escorts. Our rates are excellent, especially when you consider you’ll have a pretty, young and intelligent goddess at your beck and call.

Our Escort Ladies in Hamburg are young, in their twenties and offer everything a man could want. From more “vanilla” stuff like passionate kissing, to more kinky stuff. Whatever your fantasies are, these beautiful Hamburg Escort Girls will help your dreams come true. Check each model’s page to see exactly what they offer, and make sure you can handle the heat.

So, the term “Escort” means the pretty lady will be escorting you around, right? Right – but, what is there to do in Hamburg? The answer is “tons” and we’ll now delve into what there is to do in the beautiful Hansa City in detail.

Discover the Reeperbahn with an Escort Hamburg

Hamburg is just as famous for its nightlife these days as it is for its history and for being a port city. When most people think of nightlife in Hamburg, the first thing that comes to mind is the Reeperbahn: a truly legendary street in Hamburg’s St. Pauli District which is home to many bars, shows, and Europe’s largest red-light district. Native Germans call it “die sündige Meile” – the sinful mile. This is not an area you would want to take your grandma to, but your lovely and sexy Hamburg Escort Lady? Sure. If you want to dance the night away with your date, the Reeperbahn is going to be one of the best places to go. On this long street, you’ll find dance clubs, strip clubs, bars, sex shops – basically anything you could want. This eclectic mix makes the Reeperbahn a very unusual and interesting area. A lot of the shops on the street sell touristy items, or “Nippes” in German. Things really pick up at night (there’s not going to be tons to do during the day), so you’ll want to head down at around 8 or 9 P.M. If dancing’s not your thing and you’d rather see a play, consider taking your Escort Hamburg down to the famous Operettenhaus for a great show. Other highly-rated theaters on the Reeperbahn include the St. Pauli Theater and the Imperial Theater.

As far as bars on the Reeperbahn go, there’s something here for everyone. If you’re into alternative or rock music, try King Calavera, about halfway down the street. They have a different DJ playing each night and switch up the genres. If you’re visiting from the UK and feeling a bit homesick, there are a lot of English and Irish pubs along the street too.

Walk hand-in-hand with our young sex girls

There are a few little streets which branch off the Reeperbahn that you’ll want to visit with your sexy companion from THE VIP Hamburg Escort Agency. They’re still part of the general party area and have some superb bars and clubs. Check out “Große Freiheit 36” (“Große Freiheit” is one of the side streets) with your Hamburg Escort Date, a very nice club which many describe as the highlight of the night. It’s on “Große Freiheit” street that the Beatles played before they got so famous, often at the club called “Große Freiheit 7” (which was called Star-Club in the 1960s), so if you’re a fan you’ll want to check that out. John Lennon said that he was born in London but grew up in Hamburg, Germany. “Große Freiheit 7” is still hopping today and is a great club, so pay it a visit even if you couldn’t care less about the Beatles. The “Bierhaus Zittertall” is another neat place to visit with your young, mature or busty Escort Hamburg since it’s the oldest tavern in the world. It also lies off the German Reeperbahn.

Most of the strip clubs on the Reeperbahn don’t charge an admission fee (although some do, which can be around 20 or 30 euros). However, beer can be more expensive here. A good tip from THE VIP Escort Service Hamburg if you’re on a budget but still want to check out some of these clubs: don’t accept any offer that sounds too good to be true. For instance, some of the nicer clubs will let you in for free, but then will make you buy a beer for 30 euros. Something else to keep in mind is that, if a stripper asks you if you want orange juice (in German: “Orangensaft”), what she’s really asking is if you want her to hang out with you for a while for a price. Since you’ve already got one of our beautiful Hamburg Callgirls by your side, you don’t need her! So, know the lingo a little bit, and look out for some of the tricks people will try to play on you to weasel some money out of you!

The Reeperbahn is an awesome area, but you will want to watch out for pickpockets, especially if you’re going off the main street. The area is much, much safer than it was a long time ago, due to a high police presence. At any rate, strolling through the Reeperbahn with a gorgeous High Class Escort Hamburg by your side is going to make all the men jealous!

Other Popular Bars and Clubs to visit with your Callgirl Hamburg

Hamburg Escort

Outside of the Reeperbahn, Hamburg also has a lot of famous bars to offer. “Bar Hamburg” is a fancy, more expensive bar, known to be the hang-out place of the city’s rich and beautiful – if you’re not on a budget, this is the place to go. Get a taste of Hamburg’s high-class nightlife with your Elite Escort Girl. “Bar Hamburg” offers over 70 different cocktails and is often frequented by celebrities.

20 Up is an excellent bar, so-called because it is on the twentieth floor (the highest floor) of the Empire Riverside Hotel. If you want to enjoy great cocktails with your VIP Escort Hamburg and a breathtaking view of the entire city, along with the harbor, 20 Up is recommended. Make sure you go at night time because this is when you’re going to see an amazing view of an illuminated Hamburg. The Red River Elbe is 20 Up’s signature cocktail and a recommendation from THE VIP Escort Agency Hamburg. It is a tasty mixture of liquor 43, vodka, cranberry juice and almond syrup.

If you’re looking for a bit of a nostalgic ambiance, try the Atlantic Bar in Hamburg Hotel Kempinski. It’s styled after a stereotypical 1930s Hollywood movie, and a piano player helps to set the vibe. If you’re here, keep your eyes open for international celebrities and sexy Ladies – many of them stay in the Hotel Kempinski when visiting Hamburg. In fact, Phil Collins once played a surprise concert here, much to the delight of the guests.

Amphore is another great bar which is best for its outside seating. It provides an excellent view of the Elbe River and the harbor and is more of a friendly cafe than a party bar.

The Dollhouse is very popular in Germany and is a place where you can get an erotic table dance. It’s not strictly for straight men since there are good-looking male models as well. Because it’s such a famous place, you should visit it at least once if strip clubs are your thing.

Museums visits with a Lady from THE VIP Hamburg Escort Service

If you’re more the scholarly type, or just need a break from nonstop partying, Hamburg is also famous for its many world-class museums. Whether you’re interested in art, history, or more unusual things like wax sculptures, there’s a museum for everyone.

For Gentlemen who are not so much into art, there are a few excellent museums such as the “Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe”, or the “Hamburger Kunsthalle”. If you’re interested in music history, visit the Johannes Brahms Museum with your Hamburg Escort Girl.

If you’re interested in food (who isn’t?), try the Chocoversum Chocolate Museum, which details the history of chocolate. There’s also a Coffee Museum. Both places offer chocolate and coffee respectively, so that’s another added bonus!

One thing that’s pretty neat in Hamburg (while not being a traditional museum) is the Miniatur Wunderland, a place which has a bunch of dioramas of various scenes. After you’ve shown your Escort Girl Hamburg something big (you know what I’m talking about), consider taking her here to see all things small. The finely-crafted detail on these miniatures is truly amazing. The Panoptikum is another specialty museum which displays many finely-sculpted wax figures. The museums above all offer guided or audio tours in English if you can’t speak German, so don’t worry about that.

Hamburg HafenCity

HafenCity is a new urban development project. If you want a taste of Europe in the 21st century, be sure to visit this area with your german, oriental or asian Escort Hamburg. It’s an ambitious project which has been developed over the past ten years or so and is still in development, but already has tons to offer such as clubs, bars, and the luxurious Elbphilharmonie.

Take your Escort Hamburg to The Port

Hamburg, of course, is a port city and this was its most important historical function. We can’t talk about Hamburg without mentioning the world-famous port. This port is over 800 years old and is one of the largest in the world (the third largest, behind New York and London) and still bustles with the traffic of ships coming in and out. It’s something you have to see if you’re in Hamburg, and visiting it will make a romantic excursion with your luxury Hamburg Escort.
There are a lot of ways to experience the harbor with your Escort Lady. You can take a boat tour and see all the sights or try some great seafood at one of the many restaurants surrounding the harbor (Rive is a particularly good restaurant which has great views of the port). If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even take a submarine tour to explore the harbor in depth.

A cosy tête-à-tête with an Escort in Hamburg’s Top Hotels

After a great night outside, you’ll want to return to the lap of luxury at one of Hamburg’s many highly-rated hotels to enjoy the sexual attributes of your Escort. Such hotels include the Hotel Kempinski (mentioned above for the Atlantic Bar and known as the “White Castle on the Alster”), Le Meridien, or the Four Seasons (Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten). The five-star Westin hotel offers luxurious accommodations as well as close access to the new Elbphilharmonie, so you can take your companion for adult services Hamburg with you to the symphony. Some of the rooms of these ostentatious hotels offer en suite hot tubs – just imagine sitting in one of these glamorous hot tubs with your arm around your beautiful secret companion, just relaxing and sipping on some fine wine after partying at some of Hamburg’s finest clubs. If you want to stay at a nice hotel in a trendy neighborhood, try the Ameron Hotel Speicherstadt which is within walking distance of tons of museums and lively nightlife scenes.

The truth is, no matter how luxurious the hotel you stay at, the highlight of your stay is going to be the gorgeous, young and intelligent woman who you share romantic moments and laughs with. You’ll remember your fabulous evening (or however long your date lasts) with one of our fabulous Escorts Hamburg for quite some time to come!

We know that you’ll enjoy your time in Hamburg. Our Hamburg Escorts know the city well and can help you get around. Most of all, though, we hope you enjoy hanging out with one of our beautiful, cultured, and sophisticated young Escort ladies in Hamburg. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we’ll help you make your trip the most pleasurable it possibly can be.

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