Heide Park Frankfurt

Heide Park Frankfurt

The Thrilling Rides in Buzzing Frankfurt

The city of Frankfurt has everything that you could wish from a perfect tourist city. From numerous skyscrapers to various buzzing nightclubs, from luxurious hotels to sexy Escort Frankfurt, you name it and the city has it. With so many places to go and multiple activities to do, one wonders which places to visit for a relaxing time with a beautiful girl. If you are one of those persons who are coming to Frankfurt without any idea of where to go, Heide Park is the best solution for you. The theme park is located over a land of more than 200 acres which makes it the largest theme park in the Northern side of Germany while it is counted among the largest amusement parks of the world which shows its importance and prestige. If you have a thing for history, then you should visit this place with a local escort who knows the place inside out as they will tell you about the illustrious history of this place before suggesting you the best rides and activities which will fill your life with happiness and thrill. Before the opening of the amusement park, the place was owned by the Heidenhof Wildlife Park. The wildlife park took its name from the chapel that was constructed there during 1350. However, the wildlife park only survived a few times as in 1972, a destructive storm caused the closure of the zoo which left the place to be bought by a showman Hans-Jürgen, who built an amusement park there by 1978. One of the most interesting things that you will find in the Heide Park is the fact that the chapel built in the 14th century still exists and is well maintained making it synonymous with one of the finest amusement parks of the world, let alone Europe. Heide Park offered only six rides during its first year and since has grown to more than 40 rides that you could enjoy with your erotic date. With less than 200,000 visitors in its first year, Heide Park came up with a unique idea of a dolphin show for which a large domed roof was created.

What Makes Heide Park special?

Heide Park has changed ownership multiple times since its inauguration but that has not affected the number of people visiting the amazing theme park as in modern times it has welcomed more than 1.5 million visitors every year. While there are many things which have made Heide Park famous, we will start by discussing the 1/3 scale replica of one of the most renowned monuments of the world, the Statue of Liberty. Standing at 35 meters tall, the replica was revealed to the world on 4 July 1986 which was also the 100th anniversary of the original monument. If you want to have a close look at the replica, then make sure to go on the Roller coaster Colossos with your GFE escort as the structure is stands beside the thrilling ride. During your visit to Heide Park, you will be greeted by Wumbo who is the park’s mascot bear and Wumbo loves to take pictures with the visitors so you are bound to have a good time with him if you get a chance to meet him. Heide Park is always full of entertainment and they don’t let the standards drop by playing music which is liked by people with different music tastes. Moreover, the amusement park has hosted many musical events performed by renowned artists such as Graham Smart and David Buckley. If you want to have a thrilling experience with your sugar baby in Heide Park, then visit during the month of October as the park hosts a special Halloween event every year. As we mentioned earlier, the amusement park is quite big and it comes as no surprise that the par area of Heide Park was divided into five areas which are all worth visiting with your European escort. The first two areas are called Eingang and Ausgang where you will witness many Lower-Saxony theme buildings whereas the third area, Bucht der Piraten, will be a unique experience as the main theme of the area is based on the world of pirates that allows many visitors to live their fantasy of witnessing the world of Jack Sparrow. Transilvanien is the fourth area of the amusement park which features a medieval-style castle built at the very top of the hill which is surrounded by a forest. This area is a delightful treat for every greenery lover. The last area of the park is called the Land der Vergessenen, which has the distinction of hosting the award-winning and renowned wooden roller coaster Colossos along with the Mayan Village where you will find many flat rides to enjoy with your escort with pretty face

Attractions of Heide Park

As we mentioned earlier, Heide Park currently has more than 40 rides for you to enjoy which includes many family rides as well as thrill rides. If we talk about the best rides of the amusement park, then let’s start with Colossos. The ride is credited for being one of the steepest wooden roller coaster rides of the world. After that, we would suggest you go on more thrilling rides such as the Big Loop and The Flight of the Demons which have become the favorite of every visitor of Heide Park. If you want to feel the adrenalin rush, then buy the tickets to the Gyro Drop Tower which will be the most thrilling drop tower experience of your life. Another feature that has made Heide Park so popular among the tourists and locals of Frankfurt is the resort of the park called Hotel Port Royal. With more than 150 rooms and 16 suites to select from, it is a comfortable place to spend a night with your erotic sex companion after a fun yet tiring day at the amusement park. Experience the exotic Caribbean in Frankfurt by staying at Holiday Camp, another project of Heide Park, which has more than 80 wooden houses for its visitors. 

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