This Month in coronavirus, Germany

This Month in coronavirus, Germany

Germany is handling this global pandemic sensibly which resulted in a very less number of coronavirus cases in this country compared to some of the biggest countries like Spain, Italy, the UK, and the USA. The early precautions for coronavirus by the government helped the people of Germany to stay indoors and be alert so the majority of the population could feel safe. There are a total of 179,349 cases of coronavirus from which 159,000 people got recovered and 8,324 people have died up till now. This stats shows that Germany is doing great so far and their government is taking necessary measures to keep the control. At the time of making the record of the number of patients there were only 179,000 cases and 8,300 deaths in this country which is so far the best than the many other European countries. The people of Germany have been supportive of their government and their response is mainly positive. But there are some groups of people who are not happy with the lockdown and different decisions which were taken by the government. They are just demanding to end all the measures and let them live freely as they don’t want to sit at their home and feel like they have been house arrested. They are gaining more and more hype after the lockdown has been relaxed and tempting people to step out of their houses and do not practice social distancing. Even though the lockdown in Germany was not anything like the lockdown in Spain, France, and Italy. People were allowed to leave their houses in Germany as long as they practice social distancing. Some of these protesters are worried about their democratic rights or the economy, but others are members of the extreme right, conspiracy theorists, and anti-Semites. With this massive economic jump on the horizon, the threat of right-wing extremism is likely to increase. The police have detained many of these protesters against the Covid-19 restrictions because of the way the rallies turned out extremely violent last weekend. The police especially in Berlin and Frankfurt arrested more than 90 people after they were throwing bottles at the police officers after the demonstration in Alexanderplatz, a large central square in former East Berlin. 2 of the officers were injured in this incident and almost 46 people were detained in front of the Reichstag building. Some protesters attacked the media and some news reporters brutally, this has been a third attach in Germany in just the past 14 to 15 days, and 23 years old was arrested. Police in nearby places expressed anger and outrage that some protesters in the city urged the customers to remove their masks when entering their stores. The officers said that it feels like the people do not want to understand that it is not just about their health but also for the health of others in our country.

Despite the gradual easing of Germany’s lockdown restrictions in past weeks, protests against them have swelled, bringing together extremists groups, C-list celebrities, and people who just believe that the virus is harmless to them and it is all just a part of a global conspiracy or new world order. Vegan influencer Attila Hildmann and musician Xavier Naidoo are two of the many who have been spreading conspiracy theories in Germany which creates more confusion in their fans and the people who are following the rules. The celebrity Hildmann wrote on his Facebook page that Germany will soon abandon democracy and that secret forces will install “a new world order.” He also mentioned Bill Gates in his theories. Hildmann said he will soon be going “underground” as he doesn’t want to be a part of this new world order. Even Xavier Naidoo, who had previously been widely known and was criticized for his racist social media posts that expressed his doubts over the existence of the coronavirus and demanded evidence for it. The whole video in question had been uploaded to the “Xavier Naidoo (offiziell)” Telegram group and shows the musician talking into a camera in his car and not caring about anything that the government has said. The protests all over Germany takes place on weekends to demonstrate against the government’s pandemic policies. The government officials are repeating themselves and telling people to practice social distancing and do not be a part of these protests which can lead to riots in the country. The government and Germany’s foreign minister, warned the protestors to stop spreading the stupid conspiracy theories about the ‘new world order.’ The intelligence agents are detaining the people who playing major roles in these protests and disturbing the peace of the country. Heiko Maas said in an interview last week “If radical extremists and anti-semites use demonstrations to stoke hatred and to divide, then everyone should keep a lot more than just a 1.5-meter distance from them. Those who spread conspiracy theories throughout the world, without a mask, without keeping the minimum distance, without any concern for others, are confusing courage with blind anger, and freedom with pure egotism.” 

Last week Stuttgart authorities signed “protection against infection” as the legal grounds on which it was banning a demonstration called by the far-right populist Alternative für Deutschland party due to take place at the weekend at which the party’s co-leader Alice Weidel was expected to speak. The AfD has said it will seek to overturn the ban. Police, wearing protective masks, have sometimes struggled to keep the demonstrators under control, or to ensure participants adhere to the 1.5-meter physical distancing rule.

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