Worst Flirting Mistakes Men Make – And What Works Better

Worst Flirting Mistakes Men Make – And What Works Better

Well, we guess you are guilty of ending any possibility of having a relationship with your crush now that you have gone wrong in chatting her up. Don’t worry you are not alone, no one is born a pro at the art of flirting. It takes time, a few fails, and a lot of practice in making sure that you can get yourself dinner with the girl you like. It will not be easy, there are a lot of variables and to be frank it might not always turn out to be the way you want it to. The list below will highlight a few problems that most men face and will also mention changes that you could make to your approach so that you can get your chance at a relationship with your crush. There have been many books, guides, checklists, vlogs, and even blogs written planned and executed on this one topic and not even one can guarantee you getting the outcome that you have planned.

Mistake 1: – Too much Patience

Let’s say that yesterday you met a wonderful young lady that lives just a floor below. You mustered up the courage to finally get her number from a friend. What do you do? In most cases, men tend to overthink. The number is there stage one is complete and you never thought that you will be getting this far. The planning that you do is far too long which means that she has probably lost all interest in you and has no idea if you even exist or not. You waiting is essentially the only thing that cut you off the chances of getting yourself a girl.

Solution 1: – Stop thinking

That is right, just get it over and done with, send her a message, it can be anything, just start the conversation and see if she even responds. A simple hi should suffice at first. You can even send a reminder after the short and simple hi. As long as there is a day’s gap between both the unanswered messages you have a chance. As long as you do not turn into a creep or a stalker she will reply after the second or third text.

Mistake 2: – you don’t pay attention

The human does not only speak with words; it speaks with the entire body. There is an entire body language that one needs to understand to have the circumstances favor you. Most men don’t pay attention to what a woman is trying to tell you and are not willing to take that risk of assumption based on the analysis of the human body language.

Solution 2: – Pay close attention

Once you are past the initial phase and now not a total stranger you can start to small talk with your crush. Talk about small things, stuff like running into each other, interaction is the key here so that you can look at her and figure out how she wants to move forward. Is she excited to talk to you? Does she look forward to interacting with you? Is she willing to stay that minute extra to say hi? These are all the things that you need to look for and once you can see these signs you will know that it is safe for you to flirt or even make an attempt.

Mistake 3: – Step back a bit

This is of course not the literal stepping back but a more mental step back. Most men have the most ridiculous habit of planning too far forward. Never and we repeat never keep the objective in your mind that you want to get laid. You might not notice but this reflects in your stance and the way you approach the woman.

Solution 3: – take it to step at a time

You need to understand that when you get to know a female your prime objective should never to be getting laid, it should be trying to get to know her and becoming a friend first, you need to win her trust first before anything can happen which is why step it down a notch, take it a step at a time. Most ladies have a sixth sense whenever they meet a man about what his intentions are which is why don’t keep any intentions that may through her off a relationship with you.

Mistake 4: – Not taking the initiative

Most women have reported that there have been times when they have wanted to kiss the man but due to no initiative taken by the man they just let the evening be. This not means kissing it means everything that happens at the end of your meeting or date. Whether it is a quick chat by the letterbox after which she wanted you to ask her out to dinner or a goodnight kiss after dinner. Or the evening stroll in the street. Thinking too much means leaving out good opportunities which means that if enough opportunities are left she will lose interest in you.

Solution 4: – Be the man

It may be a sexist statement but be the man is exactly what this situation requires. Try to take initiatives, consent is at all costs important but be the one that pops up the question. A simple would you like to have dinner tonight? Or is it okay if I walk you home? It will be enough to show her that you are compassionate and that you do care. These little things mean a lot to women and it will leave a positive impact on her after your date.

We are not sure how much these tips will help with you finding the women of your dream but it’s worth a try if there is even a little chance that following these steps or tips means finding your better half.

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